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How is interest calculated and charged?

The interest on your loan account is calculated daily based on the outstanding loan balance and charged to your home loan on the first business day of each month.


Can I redraw funds from my variable interest rate loan?

If you have deposited more than the minimum repayments into your variable interest rate loan account, you are able to redraw those funds whenever you like. Your available redraw amount appears on your loan statement, and is also listed in the ‘account profile’ section on Online Access. To log in, click here. You can also redraw using your Icon Mobile Banking App.

Please note, if your account goes into arrears you will not be able to access redraw.

What’s the difference between principal and interest and interest only?

With a principal and interest loan, a borrower repays both the principal and interest over the term of the loan, this will eventually repay the entire loan balance plus interest charged over the term. By contrast, with an interest only loan, the borrower repays only the interest amount during the specified interest only period and then principal and interest until the end of the loan term.

Can I split my home loan into fixed and variable accounts?

Our Icon range of products gives you the flexibility to split your loan into multiple accounts. You can determine what portion of your loan is fixed or variable and set-up your loan accounts accordingly. Speak to your broker about the differences in the product features available on fixed and variable loans (including restrictions when your loan is fixed) and the portions (fixed or variable) available.

When will I receive my statement?

Statements are available via the Icon Internet Banking site and on the Icon Mobile Banking App. You can choose to have statements mailed to you or delivered electronically.

Where can I view details about my loan?

You can view details about your home loan via the Icon Internet Banking site and on the Icon Mobile Banking App.

Which ATMs can I use for free?

Icon Home Loans customers receive fee free ATM access at all ATMs across Australia. If another institution charges for use of their ATMs the charge will be refunded to your account.

What should I do if I experience difficulties making repayments?

If you’re having difficulties making your repayments, please call us immediately on 1800 467 483. We can then work with you to help you meet your obligations. We can also assist you with completing a hardship application if required. Please note, if your account goes into arrears, you will not be able to access redraw.

Who should I contact if I have lost my debit Mastercard?

If you are using the Icon Mobile Banking App you can lock your card immediately until you are sure it’s lost or stolen. If your card is definitely lost or stolen you should report it as soon as you become aware it is missing by calling the help desk on 1800 800 521. This service is available 24 hours, seven days a week. Once the card is blocked, you can order a replacement card by contacting Client Services on 1800 467 483.

If you have a different question, please call our client service team on 1800 467 483.

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